Top 10 Most Popular Hottest Russian Models 2023

Your search for the hottest & sexiest models in Russia ends here, Follow this list of the top 10 most popular hottest Russian models in 2023.

When it comes to Russia, we all know this country is one of the superpowers in the world. But did you know Russia is also widely famous among the top countries with the most beautiful women in the world?

In approximately all walks of life, Russia is trying to become dominating. When we talk about the world’s hottest women, Russian women are never behind. There is no shortage of beautiful women in Russia. Russian models are always famous for their hottest and sexiest looks. Such top 10 hottest Russian models are shortlisted below. Let’s have a look at the list and tell us your favorite Russian beauty in the comment section.

Top 10 Most Popular Hottest Russian Models

Valentina Zelyaeva

Valentina Zelyaeva is best famous for her superb looks as well as her attractive personality. She is also one of the hottest and sexiest female models and celebrities from Russia. She has worked with different international fashion editions. Also, she is a famous television personality. She is prominent for her elegant personality and loyalty as a model. Valentina is the appearance of Ralph Lauren and is among the most popular and hottest Russian models.

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Anastasia Reshetova

No doubt, this 25-year-old young beauty is a hot and sexy Russian model and actress. She was born on 23 January 1996 in Moscow of Russia. She is best famous for the 2014 Miss Russia beauty pageant as the first runner-up. While talking about her modeling career, she is one of the famous youngest and hottest Russian models of the present time. She is 5 ft. 8 in. tall, with a hot body figure size and glowing eyes that make her an extremely bold and attractive model.

Daria Klyukina

Actually, without her Daria Klyukina, this list of the sexiest Russian models is incomplete. She is famous for her pinkish cheeks, beautiful hair, and juicy lips. She is another one of the 25 years old young hottest Russian models of the current time 2023.

Daria Klyukina was born on 9 January 1994 in Karpinski of Russia. She has been the winner of the show “Bachelor” by Egor Kreed. She is a stylish as well as hot Russian woman with a bright future in modeling.

Viktoria Odintcova

Viktoria Odintcova aka Viki Odintcova is only 27 years old hot Russian model. She was born on 15 November 1993 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She came into popularity from her risky skyscraper stunt in Dubai. This made her popular worldwide as the hottest Russian model. With her too-hot and sexy figure, she makes their fans crazy and mad at her. There is no doubt she is one of the top hottest models of Russia.

Viki Odintcova has truly great achievements in her modeling profession still now. Currently, she is the leading Russian model of the Mavrin Models agency.

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Irina Shayk

Who doesn’t know the name Irina Shayk? We all know Irina Shayk is one of the most beautiful and hottest supermodels in the world. She has been on the cover of many magazines such as Fobes and Times Magazine. She was born on 6 January 1986 in Yemanzhelinsk, Russian SFSR.

If we talk about her modeling career, Irina is truly hot as well as an inspiring Russian model. With her long dark hair, dark-colored eyes, and sensual lips, she is counted among the top 10 sexiest models in the world.

Irina is always loved and very well-liked. That’s why she is one of the most searched Russian hottest models across the internet. She comes into view in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and was the first hottest Russian model to work for this magazine.

Due to her outstanding modeling career and beauty, we have given her the first position in our list of the most popular hottest Russian models in 2023.

Victoria Lopyreva

Victoria Lopyreva is the hottest Russian model, TV presenter, actress, and blogger. Moreover, she has been also Miss Russia 2003 by winning the title of the beauty pageant. She was born on 26 July 1983 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia.

If we talk about the modeling career of Victoria Lopyreva, she has been already featured in many precious magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Gala, Future Television, Beauty, Beauty Unlimited, etc.

Victoria Lopyreva has been the director of the Miss Russia pageant and also hosted the Miss Europe pageant 2006 in Ukraine. Besides that, she has been also the ambassador of the FIFA World Cup 2018. Overall, Lopyreva is another worldwide popular hot Russian model of the current time.

Natasha Poly

Natalia Sergeevna Polevshchikova popularly known as Natasha Poly is the hottest Russian supermodel as well as a television personality. She was born on 12 July 1985 in Perm, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union.

Natasha Poly has been on the covers of multinational magazines, and advertisement campaigns. She is a wise as well as hard-working female. She worked for Prada, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Calvin Klein, Versace, Chanel, and Victoria’s Secret.

Natasha Poly is 5 ft 10 tall with Dark Blonde hair and green eyes that make her bolder and more charismatic. That’s why she is recognized among the top hottest Russian models of the current time.

Anastasia Kvitko

Russian glamour model and entrepreneur, Anastasia Kvitko comes at the 4th spot in our list of the top 10 hottest Russian models in 2023. She was born and brought up in Kaliningrad of Russia. Later on, she moved to America for modeling. This hot Russian model is widely famous for its figure size 38-25-42. She is also regarded as Russian Kim Kardashian. Her curvy and attractive figure helped to gain over 12 million followers on Instagram. She is famous for her hot and sexy personality, and truly deserves to be on this list.

Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova is an actress, television celebrity as well as a supermodel of Russia. She was born on 28 February 1982 in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

Natalia started her modeling profession at the young age of 15. She is famous for her long brown hair, blue eyes as well as bold personality. She has come from a poor background but at this time is one of the highest-paid female models in the world.

Natalia has modeled for different big fashion as well as cosmetic brands. She has been ranked as one of the New Supers in the fashion industry by Besides that, she has been also ranked 3rd in the top-earning model’s list by Forbes Magazine. Without her this list of the top 10 hottest Russian models becomes incomplete.

Anna Selezneva

Anna Selezneva is another beautiful as well as famous hottest Russian model and also a talented actress. She has worked for different big brands like Calvin Klein as well as Versace. She also comes into view on the cover of Vogue Russia.

Anna has appeared in Vogue Australia, Vogue Paris, Vogue Japan, Vogue China, and Vogue Italian. While talking about her modeling career, still she has done a great job.


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