Fishing in the US | The wonderful beauty in everyday life

Fishing in the US | The wonderful beauty in everyday life

Fishing in the US is no longer just a fleeting pastime; it has gradually become an art form. People go fishing not just to catch fish. It’s moments of relaxation after tiring hours racing against daily work, afternoons by serene lakesides with friends and family. In the USA, a country that brings together various ethnicities, skin colors, and origins, these distinctions blur when it comes to the joy of fishing. No matter who you are, with some basic gear, you can enjoy an afternoon at some of the finest fishing spots on the planet.

1. Isn’t fishing in the US interesting?

With a number of rivers and lakes second only to Canada and Brazil, spanning all 50 states and experienced throughout the four seasons, the fish population here is incredibly diverse. Americans also greatly enjoy this healthy sport. At the right times, we can witness hundreds of anglers flocking to reservoirs and streams to fish.

Here, when fishing, one can enjoy private moments, or the whole family can join, like a picnic. Fishing in the US thus becomes a bond between the individual and the community. All of this makes this pastime intriguing to many.

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2. Where to fish in the US?

 2.1. Lake St. Clair, Michigan

Lake St. Clair is a freshwater lake located between Ontario, Canada, and Michigan, USA. The lake spans about 3.4 km square, and while it doesn’t rival the Great Lakes like Lake Huron or Lake Erie, it provides an abundant source of fish.

The best time to fish is in the summer, where you can spot species like perch, bass, and crappie dancing in the lake’s center. It’s a popular choice for fishing in the US.

2.2. Lake Shelbyville, Illinois

Chosen by Bassmaster magazine as one of the best bass lakes in Illinois, Lake Shelbyville also hosts many fishing tournaments.

For locals, familiar species include white bass, catfish, and carp. Besides fishing, there are various outdoor sports around the lake, like sightseeing, cycling, treasure hunting, which many tourists also enjoy.

2.3. Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

The climate here is perfect for fishing due to its humidity. Chesapeake Bay has nearly 50 rivers flowing into the Atlantic, making it one of the largest estuaries in the US. Throughout the year, you can find a large number of fish here.

Around the bay, big species like red drum, striped bass, tuna, pufferfish, tautog, and many more abound. The bay is also known worldwide for its breathtaking natural views.

2.4. Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

When mentioning Alaska, salmon, often referred to as the migratory fish, springs to mind. The ideal fishing season runs from May to October. Common here are four species of salmon and hundreds of other fish in the lakes, rivers, and bays, such as perch and Arctic grayling. It’s also frequently visited by dignitaries, with proceeds often going to charitable purposes.

2.5. Lake Champlain, Vernon

Famous for its lake monster legend, Lake Champlain is considered one of the richest and most diverse bass habitats in North America. The abundant fish make it common to catch dozens of bass in a day. Besides, the peaceful countryside scenery around also attracts tourists annually.

3. Things to note when fishing in the US

The US isn’t like Vietnam. Each state has different regulations, including fishing. US fishing laws are rigorously drafted to conserve and control resources, avoiding overfishing to the point of extinction.

If you’re a novice, you need to thoroughly understand the laws before casting a line to avoid being arrested!

3.1. License

Every angler must have a fishing license, meaning you’ll pay a few tens of dollars per person. These licenses typically last about a year. Moreover, licenses vary. Depending on whether you want to fish in saltwater or freshwater, you’ll need a specific license.

3.2. Fishing regulations

Upon purchasing a US fishing license, you’ll receive a rulebook. It’s your job to read and understand these rules thoroughly.

For instance, Alaska mandates that fish can only be caught when the hook is inside or around their mouth. If the hook is elsewhere on the fish’s body, it must be released, or you’ll be breaking the law. With salmon, you can only catch four at a time.

Additionally, you need to keep track of how many fish you catch and ensure you don’t exceed the annual limit. The above are just some basic laws; if you violate them, you might not only face fines and have your fishing gear confiscated but also possibly be taken to court.

Fishing together is a refined pleasure. After fishing sessions in the US, all worries seem to drift away with the blue waters, and every concern seems understood by nature. For Americans, alongside their fishing rods, champagne bottles, and mixed salad dishes, the joy of fishing has apparently become an indispensable part of their daily lives.

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